Class News

Brrrrrr! It’s cold outside, but our learning is really heating up



In reading, we are studying Junie B. Jones and other characters to get to know them really well. We have been learning that we can read the character’s words and actions to see what they are feeling in their heart. We learn as much as we can about our characters so that we can make predictions about how the story will go. We will be using post-it notes to stop and jot down ideas, predictions, noticings and wonderings about the characters in our books.


We are about to finish our realistic fiction unit! Be on the lookout for our published pieces. You will enjoy the characters we have created and developed problems and solutions for.

Shortly, we will start our “How To” unit! We will write books that teach our readers how to do something new in a step by step way.


In math, we are working on place value.  Students are learning to identify tens and ones place in numbers.  Base ten blocks, dimes and pennies, number grids and calculators are tools that we use to help with this concept.  Students will compare numbers with greater than, less than and equal signs. We learn that the < looks like an alligators mouth that likes to eat the bigger numbers! Students will continue measuring skills by measuring crooked paths. Lastly, students will begin adding 2-digit numbers using a variety of strategies.  


In Science, we have completed out unit on Winter Behaviors. Would you believe that bears really DO NOT  hibernate? It’s true! Just ask your child and they will tell you all about what they have learned about animals and what they do when winter comes.

We have just begun our unit on Earth and Space. We will explore the sun’s path along with the phases of the moon. We will also study the four seasons. What’s your favorite season?