Class News

February 2018


In Math, we have been learning about and practicing with fractions. We started by by looking at fractions that have the same denominator. We learned how to compare and decompose them. Do you know what a unit fraction is? Now we are working on adding fractions, solving word problems and equations that contain fractions with both the same and different denominators.

In our last unit of study we made friends with the characters in our books. We learned that by getting to know our characters well, we were able to step into their shoes and live the book right alongside them. We love that kind of reading because it allows us to go on imaginary adventures. But in the next few weeks, we will be reading in a whole new way. We will explore a new genre called nonfiction and we’ll be reading to get smarter about the world and use what we learn to teach others. Here we are, sitting in this classroom, but our nonfiction books will take us to the bottom of an ocean and show us what the fish down there are doing. Or into the cocoon of a caterpillar to show us how delicate butterfly wings are forming. You know how all of us have all the questions about the world? Like we wonder about where rain comes from or what it’s like to live in a different place—the answers to all our questions about the world are to be found in nonfiction!

Writing In this very fast-paced and information-rich world that we live in, we are being bombarded with information from every angle. We are on YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc... where news and information is at our fingertips. This is both amazing and terrifying. In this unit, we will trek through multiple sources of information so that can understand them, see the author’s intended message, determine the most important information, and present our new learning to the world.