Class News


In writing we are working on Small Moment stories.  Small Moments are true stories that have happened to us and gave us big feelings.  The students have learned to include details such as setting, people, and feelings.  Feelings are not just told, but they are shown.  The students use phrases like, “I was smiling from ear to ear,” to illustrate their feelings.


In reading we are learning good habits of readers.  The students have been book shopping and reading independently everyday to build stamina and become immersed in their books.  We also work in reading partnerships everyday to share what we learned, loved, and noticed about our books.  The students encourage each other to become better readers and help out with tricky words.


In math we are currently working on Unit 2.  Unit explores many different addition and subtraction strategies.  The students are playing games to reinforce these strategies and have begun doing math boxes to practice these skills.  We are working on using a unit to describe what we are counting and how it impacts our understanding of math problems,

Social Studies

In social studies we have been learning about our community and respect.  The students have teamed up against bullying and work to treat others they way they want to be treated.  In addition the first grade classes are writing a book about what they would do if they were president.  The students have been working so hard and are eager to see their published work!