Class News

November News
Thanksgiving Turkey.png
October was an exciting month in Kindergarten! We celebrated Halloween with a class party and parade! Thank you parents who helped organize the class party. We are looking forward to November and all the new things we will be learning about.

Reader's Workshop- 
We are continuing to practice our print concepts and are learning what reading looks like.  We are moving on to Unit 2 and we will be using our Reading Super Powers to read independently and with a partner.  We will learn that readers have super powers.  Our super powers include using our fingers to point to words, using our eyes to read pictures and words, and using our brains to help us read.

Writer's Workshop-
We are just about to "Fancy Up" and publish our first books!  Then it is on to Unit 2, in which we will look closely at our world so we may write about it and use what we know about letters and sounds to label and list observations.  We will write using details and labels, really looking closely!
Social Studies/Science- 
We will learn about Thanksgiving, weather, temperature, clouds, wind, and precipitation.
We will learn about ten frames, create number stories, practice writing numbers in a number book, and play the games Roll and Record and Monster Squeeze!