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Thursday, December 21st


Monday -Thursday

Read for 20 minutes, fill in your Reading Log, write your post-it.  Please remember to include a statement that tells what is happening in the text, and a thought about what you have read.


Fact Practice IXL Skills: BB.3, BB.13, BB.21, U.8 - Practice for at least 10 minutes for the week.



DLR Noun Worksheet No Spelling this week.


Students may continuing reviewing concepts for the Unit 3 test in class. There are prepared for many of the skills presented on the test, however some students may use the self-assessment and Unit 3 Home Links to continue to review the material.

At least 10 mins. of IXL practice for the week. Skills: F.1-F.8, G.2, N.9, U.10,U.11 X7 Quiz - Monday 12/18 *** If you would like to take the quiz on Friday, let me know Friday morning.